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"The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Practice Areas

Business Law

You will make a great number of decisions over the life of your business. Many of your decisions may have legal implications, some of which could have a substantial negative impact on your business. At TMLF, Attorney Medeiros can counsel you on the relevant legal issues to help you make well-informed decisions.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is the area of law that applies to corporations and other forms of business entities such as partnerships and LLCs. Nonprofits and other tax-exempt organizations also fall under corporate law. TMLF can counsel you in entity selection, formation, governance, and other legal issues relevant to your organization.

Intellectual Property

In some circumstances under certain areas of intellectual property (IP) law, you can establish IP rights without registration, upon the occurrence of a qualifying act or series of acts. There also exist some circumstances where despite registration, your IP rights may be reduced or lost all together under certain areas of IP law. Attorney Medeiros can help you establish and protect your IP rights.

Estate Planning

It is important to be sure that your personal and business interests are safe guarded against the inevitable and unforeseeable. Whether you are a small business owner or just want to have a legally enforceable plan in place to protect and distribute your assets as you choose, Attorney Medeiros can assist you in creating and updating an estate plan that aligns with your goals.

Real Estate Law

Attorney Medeiros can represent you in a variety of real estate related matters and transactions. Whether you want to buy, sell, add-on, build, or convert a property, Attorney Medeiros can provide you with legal advice that protects your interest and helps you achieve your goal.

Condo Law

Condos are unique when compared stand-alone property and require consideration different legal issues. Whether you are a developer, purchaser, seller, or current condo owner, Attorney Medeiros can advise you on legal issues relevant to residential and commercial condos.

Zoning & Land Use

Zoning and land use regulations tend to differ from one municipality to the other. At TMLF, Attorney Medeiros can help you navigate through local bylaws and ordinances as well as state and federal laws in order to help you achieve the desired use of your property

Landlord/Tenant Law

TMLF can represent you in matters related to landlord/tenant law. Whether residential or commercial, Attorney Medeiros can help you avoid common legal pitfalls that tend to arise between a landlord and tenant from rental applications and leasing to eviction and summary process.

Client Industries Primarily Served


Starting your own business can be a daunting task that requires commitments of time and capital. These commitments make creating a well thought out and detailed business plan of the utmost importance to your venture’s success. In addition to providing you with legal advice, Attorney Medeiros can also assist you in creating your business plan and seeking financing.

Food & Beverage

Attorney Medeiros has over 13 years of experience in the restaurant industry. His experience, operational knowledge, and network of industry professionals, combined with his legal knowledge give him the ability to help you start and run a compliant establishment in a highly competitive and well-regulated food and industry.

Real Estate

Each real estate transaction is as unique as the property involved and no two transactions are ever the same. Even if you have previously been a party to a real estate deal involving the same property, current factors must be taken into account. TMLF can help protect your interests against legal issues related to owning and using property.

Sports & Entertainment

As an athlete or an artist, you probably have continuously made sacrifices and spent an incredible amount of time developing the skills of your passion since a very young age. Whether your goal is to turn your passion into your profession, bring others joy through your work, or a combination of the two, TMLF can help you pursue your goals and protect your rights.

Why Choose The Medeiros Law Firm

TMLF was founded and built with two goals in mind: (1) Help entrepreneurs and small businesses owners realize their goals; and (2) Protect the interests of our clients during the pursuit of their goals and long after they have achieved their goals.

As a business lawyer, Attorney Medeiros knows what legal issues must be addressed and understands what operational obstacles will likely need to be overcome for your business venture to be successful. He prides himself on getting to know you and your business, so he can develop a strategy that is tailored to you.


Attorney Medeiros is driven to practice law by a passion for helping people. He loves using his knowledge of the law and business to help people succeed in their business venture and help them protect the assets that they have worked so hard to earn.


As a lawyer, Attorney Medeiros prides himself on his diligent work to help you reach your goals and protect what you have earned. He understands the effort that it takes to succeed and takes nothing for granted while doing all that he can to help you realize your goals.


Attorney Medeiros has drafted third party agreements, licensing deals, commercial leases, and amendments to condominium bylaws. He has also worked on matters involving landlord/tenant litigation, the formation of tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, asset purchase agreements, and title to real estate.


Ryan M. Medeiros, Esq.

At TMLF, Attorney Medeiros provides you with personalized, straight forward legal advice. Attorney Medeiros makes it a point to build and maintain a strong professional relationship with you because believes that a strong attorney-client relationship is key in helping you realize your goals.

Whether your legal needs are related to your business, personal life, or a combination of the two, Attorney Medeiros will provide you with legal services based on what is most important to you in order to best help you achieve your goals.

Client Reviews

TMLF Client

“Ryan’s knowledge of the law and business introduced us to options in a potential real estate transaction that we had not thought of.”

TMLF Client

“Attorney Medeiros was extremely thorough in reviewing documents and drafting amendments for our condo association. He provided exactly what we asked for, and we look forward to continued use of his services in the future.”

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