Business Law


Generally, business law is the broad area of law that regulates commercial transactions and entities. It establishes both internal and external rules for conducting business. Many practice areas fall under the business law umbrella.

There are basically two main aspects of contract formation: negotiating and drafting. Each aspect requires a methodical approach to help ensure that the executed contract expresses your intent. A properly executed contract will not only help achieve your intended result, but it will also, if need be, enforce your rights so you may achieve your intended result from the relevant transaction. Whether a lease, an asset purchase agreement, a licensing deal, or other type of contract, Attorney Medeiros can negotiate and draft a contract for your transaction.

The practice area of corporate law includes other entities such as LLCs and partnerships. Generally, corporate law can be divided into three phases: (1) Selection, (2) Formation, and (3) Governance. When selecting an entity, it is imperative to know the benefits and drawbacks of each entity. Attorney Medeiros thoroughly reviews respective benefits and drawbacks to make sure that you have all the information to choose the entity that best aligns with your short and long-term goals.

Tax considerations affect many areas of the law. Adding to tax law complexity is the area’s large number of exceptions and nuances. Minimizing your tax liability requires careful navigation through the tax code and knowledge in avoiding common pitfalls in an area of law where are constant changes and updates. Attorney Medeiros can counsel you on tax issues related to personal, business, and tax-exempt matters.

A tax-exempt organization must first be organized as a trust, corporation, or association. For an organization to exist as one of these entities, proper documentation must be filed at the state level before seeking exempt status at the federal level. For the most part, the purpose of an organization will help determine most decisions from organization to filing and ultimately operation. Attorney Medeiros can offer advice and services at every stage.

Sports law and entertainment law are very similar and are often combined into a single practice area. Both areas consist primarily of contract law and intellectual property (IP), including the right of publicity. The right of publicity is an IP right that is somewhat unique to the sports and entertainment industries. It can often be an athlete’s or an artist’s most valuable asset. Generally, the right of publicity is an IP right that enables a person to protect his commercially valuable likeness from exploitation by others, while allowing him to exploit his likeness for his benefit. Sports law also includes compliance. Compliance can be of particular importance at the amateur level because an athlete’s violation of a regulation, for example an NCAA regulation, could result in the loss of eligibility for the athlete. In essence, sports and entertainment law is the practice of contract law in relation to the IP rights and employment of athletes and artists.